Information for participants

Event Information

  • 2024 Terms and Conditions – please read these carefully before you commit to entering the Event even if you have participated before.
  • 2024 Event Details – essential reading for anyone participating in TGOC24. Includes guidance on how to plan your route.
  • Filling in your Route Sheet – suggested reading for all Challengers but essential for first time participants. You may also find the Filling in your Route Sheet videos on the TGO Challenge YouTube channel
  • 2024 Final Details will be made available in early April 2024 These give essential up to date information for those participating in TGOC24. Please note the Participants List is only available by email to those involved in the Event.

Route sheets

  • 2024 Route sheet.docx – please use this version if possible.
  • 2024 Route sheet.doc – compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word (2012 or earlier) or use alternatives such as Open Office.
  • 2024 editable PDF Please only use this version if Word documents will not work on your device.
  • Phone in list – any location listed here is acceptable as a phone in venue. Others may be accepted if there is likely to be a good mobile signal or a landline available.
  • Checklist – however many Challenges you have taken part in please use the checklist before submitting your route to the Coordinators.

MAC USERS – PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT OPEN “PAGES” DOCUMENTS. Please convert to Word or save as a PDF document before submitting it to the coordinators.

Guide to Scotland’s Terrain

Colin Crawford’s excellent Notes on Scotland’s Terrain are well worth a read if you are new to Scotland or have only walked a waymarked trail here.

Information for vetting team

If you have information from a recent Challenge or other trip that might be useful to the vetting team please click here and complete a feedback form.

Medical Information and Emergency Contacts Form

This must be completed individually by each participant by in March/April 2024. This year the information will be gathered via an online form. Information requested will be:

  • mobile phone number and provider
  • details of emergency contacts
  • details of any GPS tracker/PLP carried and links to maps when possible
  • relevant medical history