Challengers’ Blogs and Photos

Here are all the blogs, vlogs and photos that we know about so far.  If you would like to add yours let us know at

They are in alphabetically order but don’t take them in order or you will never get to Dima Zlonyk’s wonderful 2022 photos and Sabine Zawadski’s excellent photos and YouTube videos! Indeed her 2022 video trilogy is a must watch for potential new Challengers

TGOC21 had far fewer participants than usual so we don’t have too many accounts but there are plenty from 2022 and previous years to keep you occupied from previous years.

Photo Kazia Grabska

Michael Agrell – Mike the Hike

Peter Aylmer – trailman

Alan Bellis – YouTube

David Brown – a wee walk

Ian Cotterill – photos

Andy Dawkins – photos

Paul Dudchenko – video

Louise Evans – photos

Gemini Challenge blog

Michael Freibe –

Geoff Gafford – litehikersblog

Gordon Green – aktovate

Craig Gully – mustexplore

Graham Horsley – boghop1

Cyril Huart – photos

Rich Jones: ukwildcamping

Matthew King – YouTube summary



Minna Lumirae – gone walking

Colin Marsh – Colin out n about

Richard Maxey – photos

Jayme Morgan – photos

Trevor & Alex Morgan – lighthiker and YouTube

Peter Moss – photos

Patrick Multhaup – photos

Andrew Neil – Trip Report

Andy Pinkard – Ramblings of the Mind and Body – TGOC22

Dean Read – YouTube

Alan Sloman – alan sloman’s big walk

Chris Vardy – southerntyke

Andrew Walker – Fast Track to Nowhere


Emma Warbrick – photos

Sabine Zawadski – YouTube part 1

Part 2 Part 3

Dima Zlotnyk – photos

Ian Cotterill – photos

John Jocys – 2 kilts and 3 lungs across Scotland

Mike Knipe – northernpies

Alan Sloman – alan sloman’s big walk

Michael Agrell – Mike the Hike

Rory Anderson (Bigfoot) – YouTube Part 1Part 2 & Part 3

Peter Aylmer – A First-timer’s Reflections 

Martin Banfield –  Postcards from Timperley

Mick Blackburn & Gayle Faulkner –  M&G go for a walk blog

Benny Braden – Plug It in Hikes

David Brown – A Wee Walk

Paul Buck – photos

William Burton – Bajan Things

Caburn Chamberlain –  Photo Journal 

Ian Cotterill – photos

Louise Evans  – Louise’s Big Adventure

Adrian Fortune – photos

Graham Horsley –  Boghop

Hein Hogenhuis – photos

Ed Hyatt –  Treklite

Gordon Green – Gordon’s off . . . 

Steve Kerr – trip report

Matthew King – backpacking artist

Alan MacDonald  – Photos 

Amanda McGuire & Kirsten MacKenzie –  Mandy and Kir – TGOC2019

Trevor Morgan – Lighthiker

Chris Nunn – photos

Ali Ogden – photo diary

Kirsten Paterson –  Photos 

Sally Phillips – Photos 

Andy Pinkard – Travelling Light

Martin Rye –  Photos &  YouTube 

Alan Sloman and Phil Lambert – Photos 

alan slomans big walk

Paul Southward’s account 

Marty Smits – YouTube Smarties blog  Dutch or English

Ted & Jenny Spiller – photos

Willie Todd’s  Blog

Emma Warbrick Photos

Jason Wiggins – YouTube Part 1Part 2Part 3

David Williams – Fellbound

Sabine Zawadski  Youtube – Part 1  Part 2 

Judith Barnes – Around the Hills

William Burton – Bajan Things

Bob Cartwright – The Outdoors Station

Ian Cotterill – photos

Louise Evans – Louise’s Big Adventure

Niels Blok – Lightweight Pedestrian

Neil Fox – Foxy’s TGO Challenge 2018

Neil Frazer –  Neil Walks Shetland

Lindy Griffiths – A Trundle in the Hills . . . 

Brian Gruber –  A Quarter Mile to Go

Vitalis Hirschmann – This is not Photography

John Jocys – JJ’s stuff and photos

Mark Kevers – Vimeo video

Matthew King – Backpackingartist

Mike Knipe – Northern Pies

Paul Myerscough – Blog PM

André Östergård – You Tube series

Kirsten Paterson – photos

Joshua Pearlman and Melissa Garmat – 360 degree video diary

Marcus Petter – photos

Sally Phillips – Daunderlust

Thom Sandberg – Walking to Wellersley

Gavin Scott – Speyside Walker

Ken Shaw – You tube video diary and gear reflections

Alan Sloman – alan sloman’s big walk

Paul Southward – diary

Willie Todd – TGO Challenge 2018

Andrew Walker  – Fast Track to Nowhere in Particular (don’t go here is you are offended by bad language!) and photos

Emma Warbrick – photos

Mark Webb – Wild Walking

Ulla Widquist – On Sore Feet

Sabine Zawadski – You tube photo diary part 1 part 2

Gerard Bakker & Natascha Hoiting – YouTube

Martin Banfield – Postcards from Timperley

Allan Brown  – Foul Weather Alternative (FWA) and photos

Caburn Chamberlain – photo diary

Ian Cotterill – photos

Chrissie Crowther – Chrissiedixie blog and photos

Andy Dawkins – photos

Tom Deakin – Live the Outdoors

Paul Dudchenko – Picking them up and laying them down

Lousie Evans – Louise’s Big Adventure

Robin Evans – blogpackinglight

Adrian Fortune – photos

Neil Frazer – Neil Walks Shetland

Brian Gruber – A Quarter Mile to Go

Lindy Griffiths – A trundle in the hills . . .

Hein Hogenhuis – photo diary

John Jacklin – Itsgoodtowalk

John Jocys – JJ’s stuff

Rich Jones – ukwildcamping

Matthew King – hillplodder

Mike Knipe – Northern Pies

Pete Little – YouTube

Elton O’Brien – You Tube – link is to first of 5 videos

Ali Ogden – photo diary

Thom Sandberg – Walking to Wellesley

John Sanderson – photos

Alan Sloman – alan sloman’s big walk

John St Laurent – photo diary – click on first photo to see commentary

Kirsten Paterson – photos

Janet Pitt-Lewis – Janet’s Walks

Martin Rye – YouTube and photos

Rob Scovell – Rob’s first TGO Challenge

Jessica Scriven & Chris Wood – C&J outdoors

Willie Todd – photo journal

David Williams – Fellbound

Sabine Zawadzki – YouTube slideshow – part 1part 2

Judith Barnes – photos

Martin Banfield – Postcards from Timperley

David Brown – A Wee Walk

William Burton – Bajan Things

Ian Cotterill – photos

Lousie Evans – Louise’s Big Adventure and photos

Adrian Fortune – photos

Gordon Green – Gordon’s off

Lindy Griffiths – A trundle in the Hills

Brian Gruber – A Quarter Mile to Go

John Jacklin – Itsgoodtowalk

Paul Myerscough – Blog PM

Will Renwick – Will’s Blog

Thom Sandberg – Walking to Wellesley

Alan Sloman – Alan Sloman’s Big Walk and photos

Mark Swift – The Antisocial Hiker

Kirsten Paterson – photos

Markus Petter – photos

Alistair Pooler  – Alistair’s Walks

Emma Warbrick – photos

Andy Walker – photos

Sabine Zawadzki – Utube slideshow – part 1part 2