Hill and Mountain Walking Club

The Hill and Mountain Walking Club was formed through the coming together of a group of friends who participated in The Great Outdoors Challenge. The club was set up so these like-minded people could enjoy the friendships forged on the Challenge as well as exploring the hills and mountains together and sharing the occasional drink. The aims of the Club are to provide the kindred-ship of the hills, and to promote the awareness of and conservation of wilderness areas.

The club is affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council so members benefit from BMC third party insurance, on the hills throughout the year, and discounts with many retailers.

Club membership is open to all, with a minimum age limit of 18, and is not just limited to Challengers, although about 95% of the membership have completed a Challenge. More information can be found here or contact the Hill and Mountain Walking Club secretary at info@hmwc.org.uk. If you would like to get a flavour of the club, before committing to join, you are more than welcome to attend one or two meets, at the same cost as club members.

The club organises weekend meets throughout the year in all parts of Britain and abroad. Accommodation is normally in bunkhouses, hostels or camping.

The club is not a typical walking club and as one member puts it, the “Hill and Mountain Walking Club is a club for un-clubable people, who enjoy the hills.”

The patron of the club is Hamish Brown, the well-known mountaineer, writer and photographer and to him we owe a great deal; without him dreaming up the Ultimate Challenge, we would not have the ‘Hill and Mountain Walking Club’ today.