Planning for TGOC24

What would you like to know? Information about TGOC24 will be gradually updated over the next few weeks. The 2023 Event Details are a good starting point or click on one of the buttons below for help on specific topics.

What you need to do and when you need to do it.

Enter and pay to secure your TGOC24 place. Entries taken on a first-come-first-served basis from 1st October 2023. Once the 400 paid places are filled a reserve list will operate.

Chose one of 14 west coast start points from Portavadie to Torridon

An array of potential finish points from Arbroath to Fraserburgh

You have most of the Highlands to play with but must stay within these boundaries.

Information on potential obstacles on popular routes eg missing bridges.

All the documents you need, including Event Details and Route Sheets

Top tips for first time Challengers

How to get to and from the TGO Challenge

Ferries you can use during your crossing

What happens when you submit your route?

The 2024 Event Details will be available by mid September. In the meantime the 2023 version will giv you a good feel for the Event.

Still not got your answer – why not ask the Challenge family?