Just how addictive is the TGO Challenge?

We wondered just how likely are you to return once you have dipped your toes in the North Sea at the end of your first crossing? So we’ve had a delve into our stats and here are the percentage who come back  after each successful crossing:

1     48%        6     84%
2     65%       7      89%
3     76%       8      92%
4     79%       9      95%
5     82%       10     77%

As you can see around half think one is enough but after two crossings two-thirds return and after four it is three-quarters. By the time 9 crossings have been completed you have a 95% chance of coming back to collect your plaque and bottle of bubbles. Over half of 10 time Challengers call it a day in the next year or so but for those that remain the urge to keep coming back persists as number 20 looms.

So beware! You can probably do one without becoming addicted, you might get away with two but after three you may as well give up hope of spending May anywhere else but Scotland . . .

So why is it so addictive?  Come along and find out – if you dare!

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