Challenge News

  • At last, after two years, the 2022 TGO Challenge was held in May!  In fact, the staggered start, necessitated by continuing Covid-19 concerns and accommodating those who had missed out in 2020/1, meant most of May was taken up with TGOC22. Not, perhaps, the warm and settled weather we might
  • This has been a winter of extreme winds and it is estimated that Scotland has lost 8 million trees since November. The eastern side of Scotland has suffered the worst damage but there could be recently windblown trees on any route especially those that go through commercial forestry plantations. It
  • How will TGOC22 work? 22 August 2021 Part of us is glad TGOC21 is behind us as the continual uncertainties and changes of plan were rather draining but there were a lot of positives too.  Not least the loyalty and support of Challengers, both old and new, but also their
  • TGO Challenge 2021 – it finally happened! 9 July 2021 There have been many anxious moments since TGOC20 was cancelled. We wondered, despite our efforts and the loyalty of Challengers if TGOC21 would go the same way but a second cancellation didn’t bear thinking about.   We had many concerns including
  • Can we have a 2021 TGO Challenge? 26th January 2021 This has been the question on our minds for the last few weeks, and no doubt the minds of many Challengers too.  We hope the answer will be yes but, whilst before Christmas we were pretty confident, the new variants